Monday, April 28, 2014

South Florida Landscape Irrigation Symposium 2014

This week UF/IFAS experts, local water authority reps and area municipal workers and property managers are gathering in Miami-Dade for the first South Florida Landscaping Irrigation Symposium of 2014.

Conservation cornucopia
Presentations will cover topics ranging from urban landscape irrigation basics, smart irrigation technology, effective use of Florida-Friendly landscaping, a panel showcasing managers whom have successfully integrated water-use efficient practices on their properties, and seven of your favorite brand and distribution representatives with their latest wares on display. 

SFLIS 2013: When we say vendor displays we mean it
In short, a little something for everyone working or managing landscape irrigation and then CEUs for all those attending until completion.

Picking up what we're putting down?
Perhaps most notable in the symposium program is the prevalence of smart irrigation

Dr. Michael Dukes presents before Florida Irrigation Society members
None other than UF/IFAS heavyweights Dr. Michael Dukes and Dr. Kati Migliaccio will both expound on the topic this week – the former about the ever important return on investment when installing this technology, the latter exploring the nuts and bolts of how it works and why it is the here, now and future of landscape irrigation.

Work mode: Dr. Kati Migliaccio
“The future?” you say. Well, Dr. Migliaccio is part of a team that has developed a smart irrigation app for turf that generates scheduling recommendations for use with any kind of irrigation system comparable to that of weather-based irrigation controllers on the market today. So, yes, the future.

Front row seat
As for me, I'm most interested in the opening talk from Miami-Dade Water and Sewer’s own Bertha Goldenberg. Miami-Dade is currently undergoing a multi-billion dollar Capital Improvement Plan that will overhaul much of its decrepit water infrastructure. 

Can't attend? Enjoy the teaser trailer!

This project has contributed to a steady increase in the cost of water by 37% over the past twelve years. Further, in Florida, Miami-Dade is recognized as a county with minimal reclaimed water infrastructure and use, a status that is certain to change. I expect Mrs. Goldenberg’s presentation will touch on these topics and more.

Media-mode: overdrive
As Miami-Dade is the venue for this symposium, you already know the Urban Conservation Unit will be in attendance! 

Flagging breaks all day: U.C.U. tech Jesus Lomeli
And when all of us are present in one place chances are good that cameras will roll. Watch for live-tweets (#SFLIS) and a short report-back video later in May.

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  1. This sold out event will be fantastic!! We have an exciting panel coming as well as vendors! If you miss this one - there will be another irrigation symposium in the fall in Broward County.