Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Southeast Climate Consortium

The Southeast Climate Consortium (SECC) is a group of individuals from different institutions with a mission to develop partnerships and solutions for managing climate risks for agricultural and natural resources.

Spring Program Review
From May 7th to 9th (2014) the group met in Tallahassee and ideas were exchanged on agriculture, water, climate, and combinations thereof. It was an exciting meeting!

One member of the group that showed some interesting research was Dr. Clyde Fraisse who is a faculty member in the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department at the University of Florida.
Dr. Fraisse at the SECC meeting.

Jose Debastiani Andreis presented work from Dr. Fraisse's research group on different smartphone apps the group is developing. Get a closer look at his poster here.

Mr. Andreis with his poster at the SECC meeting.

While, Dr. Ana Wagner from Dr. Fraisse's research group presented new results on how different rainfall data compare. See Dr. Wagner's poster here.

Drs. Wagner and Migliaccio (ABE, UF) at the SECC meeting.

These projects were a collaborative effort from Drs. Fraisse, Migliaccio, Vellidis (UGA), and Morgan (SWS, UF). These programs relate directly or indirectly to irrigation. Dr. Wagner's project is related directly to irrigation as we assess different sources of rainfall data and how they could be used in developing irrigation schedules. The smartphone app projects also are related to irrigation as they help determine when to irrigate using real-time weather data.

If you are interested in learning about climate in relation to agriculture - be sure to visit AgroClimate which is an excellent source for information including forecasts, ENSO phase, risk, and crop tools.

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