Friday, August 15, 2014

Irrigation principles and management? Yes please!

Fall 2014 heralds an exciting new era in irrigation graduate education at University of Florida with a hot-off-the-press course offered by Drs. Kati Migliaccio and Michael Dukes in the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department.

This course will take advantage of the distance education (DE) format and thus be available to all UF graduate students - no matter the location!

Take a peek at one of the new technologies that we'll use in the course:

Additional examples of what you'll learn:

How to perform a hydrometer test (like the pros do it).

How to use a tensiometer to schedule irrigation.

How all the components work in an irrigation system.

How to fix leaks...not leeks.

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So - if you are looking for something new and exciting to do this fall - check out: 

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And now....the top 5 reasons to take this course

5. New UF/IFAS videos will be showcased in the course for the first time on different irrigation systems throughout Florida.

4. Posting pics of irrigation is cool.

3. With DE course flexibility, fall is the new summer.

2. Materials are fresh off the press - showcasing the newest irrigation technologies.

1. You can now fix your parents' irrigation system - their investment in your education has paid off!

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  1. The student is Kevin Koryto who was at UF for an REU but now is a graduate student at NCSU. Congratulations Kevin!