Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Four Elements of Smart Irrigation

If you work in water you know that July is smart irrigation month. If you don’t work in water perhaps you stumbled onto something about it online or in the media if your local water utility is a savvy marketer. 
Why July? 
Traditionally, the numbers indicate that outdoor water-use peaks in July. And if data also indicates that 50% of water applied to landscapes is lost to inefficiency, then we might also conclude that outdoor water waste spikes in July as well.

How many bath tubs?! A Ewing Irrigation infographic

The Four Elements 

Here at IrriGator we know a good educational/marketing opportunity when we see one. So in the run up to this month we set about unpacking the smart irrigation concept. In irrigation the term is usually used to describe a device or technology, but the practice of watering wisely encompasses much more. Here, then, are the four elements of smart irrigation as interpreted by UF/IFAS experts Gail Hansen, Michael Dukes and Kati Migliaccio.

Meanwhile In the Community
While we were busy contributing to the wealth of smart irrigation content online, there were plenty of workshops and events around Florida to inform the public in person. Some of which included:

Further, the main UF campus saw the inauguration of a new trial for the Smartirrigation urban lawn app in North Florida. 

The study site for this trial includes a host of smart technology and will generate additional useful data on the water saving potential of these devices.

Closing Big
I would be remiss if I failed to mention the smart irrigation efforts of Miami-Dade’s Urban Conservation Unit. The South Florida-based group saved the best for last in July with an informative video polling a variety of industry and academic experts on how each defines smart irrigation. The answers may surprise you.

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  1. Great job on the videos and educational information - IFAS has some powerful resources!