Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Mehrhof Gardens: Florida-Friendly Landscaping in Our Own Back Yard

This summer I was involved in documenting the planning and execution of UF’s newest Florida-Friendly Landscaping demonstration piece: Mehrhof Gardens. Named after the buildings in its vicinity, Mehrhof Gardens helps beautify a highly visible, well-trafficked area of campus while serving as a living example of sustainable landscaping practices.

How Sustainable is Sustainable?
But can you really maintain an aesthetically pleasing landscape sustainably? This is a pressing question of late. This year the 1000 Friends of Florida, UF GeoPlan Center and FDACS released the Florida 2070 report. Its projections of future population growth, land-use alterations and greater demand on resources paint a sobering picture about what’s ahead for the Sunshine State. In light of this information, some in the know are reacting with austere prescriptions, while others are confident that we have solutions for tomorrow’s challenges.

In the meantime, when you're in the neighborhood stop by Mehrhof Gardens and maybe you’ll be inspired to add a Florida-Friendly touch to your home landscape.

Mehrhof Gardens: The designers speak!  

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